Will I profit?

Querent asks, will I profit if I put some money in an S&P 500 index fund? For questions of profit from your own money, we will look at the condition of Lord 2 (Mars). Mars is peregrine and combust. I you wanted to use Lord 8 (Venus) as other people’s money, Venus is in fall and there is a separating conjunction with Mars. This looks like the querent will lose money if they invest in the S&P 500. The S&P 500, while not an all inclusive representation of the stock market, is a good indicator of how the overall stock…

1st Consideration

There are three motions that move a person to pose a question. Motion of the Soul Motion of Planets & Stars Motion of Free Will It’s not enough for the Soul to be moved to ask a question as the Stars will lead them to ask a question, but not until the person’s free will is engaged can the question be asked.

146 Considerations – Intro

Bonatti begins his considerations by explaining that there are six things which “pertain to judgments”. Nations Families Wealthy and powerful people Natal Elections Questions (Horary) He goes on to explain that there are many things to look for before issuing judgment on the matter. His 146 considerations are a guide as all considerations cannot be considered at the same time and for every chart. He explains that this is the difficulty in determining future events.

Will she get the job?

The querent’s spouse had been applying for teaching jobs all summer. The school year had just begun and she applied for a brand new opening. She landed an interview and thought everything went well. The querent’s husband asked this within minutes of her leaving the interview. Since this is the querent’s spouse we take the 7th house lord, Mercury to signify her.  Normally we would turn the chart to her 10th house to find the significator of the job.  In this case, the turned 10th house is also ruled by Mercury.  In this kind of situation it is easier to…