Does She Like Me?


The querent is represented by Jupiter (1st House) and the Moon and the love interest is signified by Mercury (7th House).  Even though this question is not asking if the querent and the quesited will be getting together, we will still check for an aspect.  There is no aspect between Jupiter and Mercury, and there is a separating square between the Moon and Mercury, indicating these people will not be getting together, and there was some difficulty between them.

The querent and the love interest had an affair. The love interest was married and ended things after she became guilty. The querent was head over heels and was heart-broken. The separating square shows that the affair already happened and the relationship had its difficulties.

Since this question is about the relationship itself, we will need to look at the dignities and receptions of these people.


The moon is showing the strongest essential dignity, but as far as the question goes, Mercury holds a lot of power over the querent, and the quesited shows no interest in the querent.  The querent is head over heels for this person and she is not returning any of the attention.  Unfortunately, the answer is not good for the querent.

Saturn holds a lot of power over the lover interest. Saturn is in her first house by orb. Saturn could be the husband…

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