Will Donald Trump Win the Election?



As the querent was a  Trump supporter, I took the question as “Will WE win?”  The moon (1st House ruler) represents Trump, and Jupiter (10th House ruler) represents the presidency.  This question was asked before anyone knew Donald Trump would win the GOP nomination, and before Hillary Clinton had won the DNC nomination.  Hillary Clinton is Saturn (7th House ruler).

We immediately have a trine between the Moon and Jupiter, indicating a pretty good win for Donald Trump.  Saturn and Jupiter have a separating square, indicating a hard fight that she will not will.

Interestingly enough, just looking at the where each candidates planets are indicates a lot about how they feel about the election.  The moon (Trump) is in his 11th house.  Avraham Ibn-Ezra says that “a planet in 11th house is like a person in the house of his friends.”

Saturn is located in Clinton’s 12th house.  Ibn-Ezra says that “a planet in 12th house is like a person in prison.”  Given the scandals with the DNC emails and Hillary’s missing emails, and the threat of WikiLeaks releasing those emails – Clinton could very well feel like a person in prison or perhaps actually go to prison.

For better or for worse, Donald Trump won the election.

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