Will Hillary Clinton go to Prison?


With the threat of WikiLeaks releasing some more material promised to damage Hillary Clinton, a querent thought it would be prudent to ask if “Hillary Clinton will go to Prison?”.

The Court Astrologer uses traditional astrology in all of our horary chart analysis.

Since the querent is asking about another person, we assign Hillary the Moon (7th House).  Prison is signified by Mercury (turned 12th House, radical 6th House).  There is no aspect between the Moon and Mercury and no translations of light, indicating that Hillary will indeed NOT go to prison.


Looking at the essential dignities of the significators shows the the Moon is not particularly strong, but Mercury (prison) is is extremely strong.  This looks like the prospect of prison was a strong possibility seeing how much essential dignity it has.  However, Mercury has no power over the Moon and the Moon has no power over Mercury.  For as much essential dignity Mercury has, showing how much power it has to act, there is no reception between the planets which shows no inclination to act.  Finally, without any aspect, there is no occasion to act.

A couple interesting things to note, the Moon is Combust, and even though the Moon is leaving Combustion, the Moon is still within one degree of Combustion.  Avraham Ibn-Ezra tells us “a combust planet is like a dying person”.  Pretty dramatic, but dramatic to make a point.  On this same note another argument could me made that the Sun rules the 8th House, Hillary’s money, and is shielding her (combustion makes a planet not able to see or be seen).  Hillary’s money is interpreted as Hillary’s backers.  I recognize this is a bit off the beaten path, and this is why we should stick to answering the question, but sometimes it is interesting to see the possible double meanings in the charts.

Another interesting note is that Mercury and the Moon are in the same House, but not the same sign.  This looks to tell us that Prison was indeed close for Hillary, but just shy of actually happening.

Do you notice anything else about the chart?  If so, please let us know in the comments below.

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