Will I get Fired?

Querent had made a mistake at work that was being investigated. After an interview with management he called and asked “Will I get fired?”.

Lord 1 (Jupiter) signifies the querent. Lord 10 (Venus) signifies the company that he works for. In a question like this I want to look at the strengths of the planets.

Looking at the essential dignity of the planets, Jupiter is in its own rulership and Venus has dignity by triplicity. However, Venus is in fall. The company seems to be in not so great shape. Jupiter looks very good being in his own rulership. He seems very competent in what he does.

If we continue looking at accidental dignities, Jupiter is in the first house (within 5 degrees of the cusp), direct in motion, and free from combustion. Venus is in the 9th house, direct in motion, but under the beams.

The querent is in a strong position relative to the company. Venus is separating from Jupiter by square which suggests that the worst is already over.

I’m still curious if I have missed something and will definitely update this post once I get more information.

2 thoughts on “Will I get Fired?

  1. 9H rules loss of career, sun in exact opposition with Neptune (loss) and both signs are intercepted. I would say he’s lost it

    Side note: thank you for the horary you did for me! It was appreciated!

    1. No problem!
      You could also read it that his knowledge is why stays at the job. This person is a wiz at what he does and I could see them ignoring his mistake in order to keep him employed.

      Good catch though! So far, he is still working there, so we shall see!

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