Will she get the job?

The querent’s spouse had been applying for teaching jobs all summer. The school year had just begun and she applied for a brand new opening. She landed an interview and thought everything went well. The querent’s husband asked this within minutes of her leaving the interview.

Since this is the querent’s spouse we take the 7th house lord, Mercury to signify her.  Normally we would turn the chart to her 10th house to find the significator of the job.  In this case, the turned 10th house is also ruled by Mercury.  In this kind of situation it is easier to take the more simple approach of using the radical 10th house, which is rules by Jupiter.

In this case, Jupiter will signify the job.  Jupiter has a good deal of essential dignity and its accidental dignity is pretty good.  Jupiter is sitting in its 12th house, which could mean that they are in a bind to get someone to fill this job.

Mercury is peregrine, which describes the querent’s wife as looking for a job and not currently have one.  Mercury is in its own 6th house, which could be relevant to the fact that she is looking to become an employee.

The yes come from the trine between Mercury and Jupiter, it is less than 1 degree at 36 minutes.

How long?  A typical answer to a job questions is in hours, days, and sometimes weeks.  The applying planet, Mercury is in a Cadent house – in a Fixed sign (Leo).  Because a Cadent house indicates the shortest time unit and a Fixed sign represents the longest time unit, we go with the middle time unit.  Approximately 14 hours.

The next day, at about 11 AM, she received an email that she had been selected for the position.

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